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George Mendoza

James Nathan Post

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When I first met Olympic blind runner George Mendoza in 1983 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was amazed with his unbreakable spirit. His determination and persistence are inspirational to me and to many others who know him.

I had the honor to host "The George Mendoza Story" which was aired on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS-TV). I also enjoyed reading his biography, "Running Toward The Light," by award winning author William J. Buchanan.

George told me years ago of his plan to write a novel based on a strange experience he had while on a long-distance run in the desert of southern New Mexico. He described running through a gate in the air into a strange magical world. That run and the incredible events that followed played a big part in the creation of this delightful book.

SPIRIT MAN is George's unique vision, and I personally found it filled with vivid imagery and concepts I have never thought of before, told with the lyric intensity of the best work of novelist James Nathan Post.

This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. I could not put it down.

....................................................................Robert Duvall

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