Dowsing -- I Ching -- Candles

____________by James Nathan Post

In 1978, Sedona, Arizona was already well known among dowsers, scryers, psychometrists, clairvoyants, diviners, para-sentient investigators, mystics, palm readers, phrenologists, shamanists, and psychics, though known to most others only for its iconic sandstone cliffs. Working as a scribe of common station for the storefront pre-new-age publisher "Esoteric Publications," James wrote these three short studies while living in an abandoned hotel in the nearby ghost town of Jerome.

All Three Included In This Volume!

Dowsing For Higher Consciousness

Based on research and experience, this book examines the practice of dowsing ("water-witching") and other forms of divination or intelligence-gathering using mechanical techniques to obtain information not available to the physical senses, and the psychological and psychic consequences of acknowledging its existence. As far back as we can trace history, people have used such things as a staff, a wand, or a listening gourd to locate water in places where it was very hard to find. Some say Moses was a dowser when he struck water from the stone with his staff. As we have progressed in science, our attempts to explain this still highly trusted phenomenon have changed from angels to animal magnetism to astro-para-physics. Whatever it is, and however its many applications may be explained, there is one inescapable conclusion: it is not a question of what is doing it, but who.

This book includes reference and analysis of dowsing practice and theory from Verne Cameron, Raymond Willey, W.J."Bill" Finch, Christopher Hills, G.Harry Stine, and other important researchers.

Prayers In Wax -- The Magic Of Candleburning

In every field of esoteric study from prayer to para-psychology, we acknowledge the unseen yet apparently evident power of the will upon the real world. Our attempts to control that power are sometimes called magic. From birthday candles to the Pope's cathedrals, to the Satanist rites of Anton LaVey, the use of candles to focus that power has been practiced. This practical and informative manual will show you how to use the ritual of candleburning to expand your understanding and ability to use that power yourself.

Using these tables and appendices to apply the significance of the timing of a candleburning ceremony, the colors and numbers of candles employed, and candle heartstone amulets, you are led to examine your intentions and objectives in conducting the ritual, and to focus your will upon those things very closely.

64 KEYS -- An Introduction To The I Ching

This is for the reader who would learn about that much-touted and allegedly-inscrutable wisdom to be obtained by study of the martial arts, or Chinese temple life. Is that mysterious Oriental insight still secret? It is not secret, but long published, and like all great wisdom, it is infinitely simple, simple as water flowing downhill and flame rushing upward, simple as the yielding of the solid rock to the gently insistent pressure of the root.

This is for the one questioning whether to study hard Karate or soft Tai Chi, who wants to know more about the ancient discipline than just how to kick assiduously, who is curious about the inner truth of Kung Fu, but would prefer not to spend years in the rice-fields and dojos. It is for the student of Buddhism, of Zen, or of Tao, for anyone who would seek the root of wisdom in the philosophies of the ancient Orient.

There exists a key to those secrets, a key preserved for millennia, and which has been available in the Western world only the last century. It is an archaic form of Chinese divining and fortune-telling called the I Ching, which means, The Book of Changes. As a farmer knows when to plant, and when to reap, the wise man sees that all things in this world occur in cycles. To recognize where you are in a particular cycle, and to know how the changes of that cycle progress, gives you the ability to act wisely in accordance with what is real, which is called Tao.

Though hawked as an "oracle" or fortune-telling device in the west, its use by those who know it well is not a matter of "asking it a question" at all, but of learning to look at your life for what it says, to thereby locate yourself on the cycle of changes, and to know what to expect will happen. It is not a secret message being mystically sent to you, but a tool to direct your own understanding of the true nature of the world.

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