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NewPulp Publishing Presents:

The Case Adventures Of Sam Cohen, J.D.

Shelly Waxman, J.D. and James Nathan Post

James and Shelly.

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If you're a fan of mystery, courtroom drama, hardcorps crime, hot sex, raw-edged action, and film noir -- and still want something that makes you stop and think -- you'll be right at home in the world of tough street-wise maverick libertarian Chicago lawyer Sam Cohen. Though highly fictionalized, each of the books is based around one of former Assistant US Attorney Shelly Waxman's real cases. These high quality paperback books are not available in bookstores; they're rated X, Y, and Z, for being potentially seen as obscene, subversive, or blasphemous. Like a good matinee movie, they are fast, exciting, and don't let you off the hook. Each of them is about 60,000 words long, making each one a great way to spend an evening.

These three Sam Cohen Case Adventures are now available together in a new Trilogy edition. You can still order the single books on Amazon, but the best deal is the new edition. (You'll save $20!)


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The Black Messiah Murders

by Shelly Waxman, J.D. and James Nathan Post

"Was he the black Donnie Brascoe of the FBI, or the Judas of the Black Panther Party?" In December 1969, a Chicago police raid on a Black Panther apartment killed Party Chairman Fred Hampton. William O'Neal was the Panthers' Chief of Security. He was also an FBI informant acting with J.Edgar Hoover's notorious COINTELPRO program to disrupt and discredit black organizations, motivated by Hoover's fear of the rise of a "Black Messiah" in America. Sam Cohen was an Asst. US Attorney called upon to defend O'Neal and the FBI from charges of civil rights violations. When he found out the truth, he quit his job, and when beautiful young Serena Wilson comes years later to find out what he learned and why he quit, Sam discovers himself involved in intrigue and danger that has been brewing ever since.

icon Piranhas On The Loose

by Shelly Waxman, J.D. and James Nathan Post

This is racy and high-speed pulp fiction about one of the first cases of maverick lawyer Sam Cohen. In order to free his client from a wrongful conviction for the armed robbery of a Catholic Church, Cohen takes on the White House, CIA, Military Intelligence, the Chicago Mayor, Irish Mafia, a Cardinal, the Illinois Attorney General, crooked judges and a vicious psychopath who was a Phoenix Program assassin during the Viet Nam War. Meet Sam's pals, Mel Pollard -- bartender, confidant, and secret mystery writer, Betty Lincoln -- beautiful ace Federal Beat reporter and Sam's squeeze, and Sheila Starr -- faithful and trusted secretary. Laced with plenty of steamy sex, great pulp fiction with a genuine story to boot.

The Josephus Enigma

by Shelly Waxman, J.D. and James Nathan Post

Sam's client Andy McAndrew got his ID stolen, and someone is covering up for the crimes the thief is committing in his name. Sam discovers a shadowy ring of power in Chicago, somehow connected to the Catholic Church, and also to a cult of sacrificial murderers, and that ID thief appears to be among them. Andy is suspected of the most grisly and bizarre of staged ritual murders. The killers left behind a note, that the key lies in "The Gospels Of Josephus." He discovers the work of an obscure researcher which reveals an astonishing secret about how the Gospels were written, and a document exists to prove it. Who has it, and what does he want to do with it?

Rebel In The Courtroom

by Sheldon "Shelly" Waxman, J.D.

The trials of a maverick libertarian lawyer. One astonishing case after another, and all real. These cases are the basis of the Sam Cohen Case Adventure stories, covering subjects from the dirty tricks teams of the military and the FBI to the Watergate spooks to tax activists and corporate intrigue. Exciting, eye-opening, and cage-rattling stories.

Independent Contractor -- Why and How

by Shelly Waxman, J.D.

Everything you need to know about being an independent contractor, or using independent contractors in your own enterprises. This is not just a "how to" book, it is a "why you should" book, which will change your thinking about employment, and financial freedom.