Now in this one volume!

Merlin's Pawn

and A Velvet Web

by James Nathan Post

WARNING! Rated X, and Y, and Z.
Potentially obscene, subversive, or blasphemous.

or just a bit kinky, irreverent, and fun,
as you look at such things.

This is a racy and high-speed novel about the life of a working-class shape shifter in Las Vegas, a high-rolling sports book bet runner by day, and low-flying dope smuggling runner by night, and his amorous adventures with a woman who is a child in bed, and vice versa.

In Vegas they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough DOUBLE DOWN."

This X-rated romp through America's favorite playground city began with an idea to create the kind of Las Vegas adventure that Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Total Recall might have taken on his virtual vacation. It is an inside look at things the tourist hears about but doesn't get to see, a little kinky and a little crooked perhaps, but a fun ride based on a wealth of quite amazing personal experience, Merlin's Pawn will take you on a trip guaranteed to delight those who know Sin City as well as those who have yet to visit the world's greatest carnival town.

A Velvet Web

When a Pentagon General with big political connections commits suicide allegedly over a medal, naive-but-willing-to-sin tabloid reporter Robin Gamble decides to go looking for dirt. How is the General's aide, the youngest black female Major, involved? What about his wife, who appears weekly on a national TV Evangelist's show? Is his prim girl's-school high-achiever daughter more than the debutante she appears to be? Who is the girl in the Nazi fetish porno website videos on the General's computer? This psycho-sexual thriller draws Robin to find the astonishing truth in a world of sex and danger, just out of sight in the halls of power.

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