Three Tales In Lastima

Fantasy Of Old New Mexico

by James Nathan Post

Now in this one volume, all three of these:

"The Devil's Own Horse" which the half-breed chile farmer Cabrito meets the Devil on a tequila binge, and ends up promising to become the town of Lastima's new priest... and the owner of the Devil's horse, who proves to be a nightmare. It takes a carefully bet race, and perhaps a little Divine intervention, to bring this heartwarming and humorous talking-horse fantasy to its righteous end.

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"La Mantilla" which little Chulita declares she has seen The Blue Lady, and expects a miracle for the town's La Posada celebration. The town's leaders try to prepare her for disappointment, or to fulfill her dream themselves.

[Also available as an AUDIO BOOK.]

"The Healing Waters Of Cacique Spring" which a modern puffed-up media-hound archaeologist and an up-tight Indian forensic psychic investigator discover a long-hidden crime in old Lastima, are trapped in an Anasazi ceremonial cave, and must learn the lessons of the ancient shamans to survive.

[All three of these stories are also available as SCREENPLAYS.]

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