A Science Fiction Anthology

by James Nathan Post

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What if the only world you knew was a surreal landscape where you lived a game of chess, and you began to suspect there was something more to your existence? What if you lived in a luxurious park devoted only to hedonistic play, and you began to wonder why nobody seemed to wonder what you were doing there? What would you do to find out what was being done to your mind?

Written almost forty years ago, this still prophetic computer-SF novella begins in a virtual-reality Chessgame world, and ends with a powerful metaphysical vision of our limited human consciousness, as chessman Steven Kaskey struggles to confront his suspicion that there is more to his world than he is permitted to perceive.
Also written as a screenplay, King's Knight is something like a cross between Tron, Logan's Run, and Matrix, and it long predates all three.

This anthology also includes the novella The 12-Volt Casanova, sci-fi that might have been, a spicy and humorous account of a 1960's grad student who invents a device that will record and broadcast feelings, and several short stories and other things, from the man who steals a remote-controlled genetic service gnome to commit a crime, to the man with a nice safe job flying fighter planes, to the woman who wants to love her baby over and over again.

Here is a link to one of the short stories in this anthology.

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