By James Nathan Post

Suppose you came to believe:
  • A. For Earth's good and man's survival, population must be reduced by billions.
  • B. Some people are valuable to the future; others are a liability.
  • C. Your moral responsibility is to identify and take out the garbage.
When the moral imperative is clear, it becomes only a question of whom you kill, and how. Suppose you decided to start a world cult movement of secret serial killers…
….......and thousands responded.

"This book is about speaking the unspeakable, and thinking the unthinkable. Though not lacking in mayhem and gore, it is most violent emotionally when the ideas of Vito Kalins start looking all too reasonable."

WARNING! Rated X, and Y, and Z.
Potentially obscene, subversive, and blasphemous.

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Elvis Cross is among those first identified as being in some way a disciple to Witold Kalynszczyk, aka Vito Kalins, and he was among those who first wrote about Kalins and collected his writings and sayings. He is credited with having first used the term Kalinism. The items published herein are from the notebooks of Elvis Cross, and from the correspondence of Vito Kalins, as collected and edited by Cross.


Vito Kalins did not intend to become a terrorist when he began, nor did he ever really think of himself as one, though of course he was eventually accused of inspiring many of the things that terrorists do. Then neither did I, for all that I have done. Unlike youthful idealists who burn with naive revolutionary fervor, Kalins was in late middle age when he began the online correspondence by which the earliest expressions of his tragic but inevitable viewpoint were propagated. The association with the name of the death deity Kali was inevitable, I suppose. It actually happened fairly early, as lots of people likely thought that was what it was from the start.

Born Witold Kalynszczyk, the son of Polish immigrant Itzak Kalynszczyk, he began using the name Vito Kalins online about the turn of the century. Some of the early references to his online newsletter postings started using the term Kalinsist, or Kalinsism. That being hard to say, and the reference to Kali being presumed, Kalinist and Kalinism quickly became the accepted terms. I have been given credit for first having used them, though I don't know if that is true. Once the "movement" was so identified, however, it quickly became something Vito was held responsible for. He was accused of being a cult leader, subversive agitator, terrorist mastermind, the Antichrist, and the most evil man in human history, and he was eventually arrested to be brought to trial for killings done in his name. I confess… well, yes, I suppose confess is the correct term… that I always contributed willfully to that notoriety, knowing from the beginning that the success of the ideology depended largely on the creation of such a celebrated icon, even if a figurehead rather than a commander, and yes, even if a martyr. Especially if a martyr. I knew that was something Vito understood also, and the fact that he was willing to pick up the standard and speak the words I always took as my license to do what had to be done. You know the story. Gore Vidal did it great in his novel "Messiah," and of course, it is the greatest moment in the New Testament, when Judas loves Jesus and his gospel so much that he performs the necessary sacramental betrayal so as to enable Jesus to ideologically suicide-bomb the Temple, so to speak. I have been both Peter and Judas to Vito, and in publishing this, I suppose I become Paul as well.

These paragraphs have been extracted from various conversations and edited for clarity. The whole thing began with a couple of very simple ideas, and the consequences of taking those ideas as real and true, and acting upon them. It was harmless enough, after all just chat room shtick.

VKALINS: It has been done in films. The end of the world is coming, and we have only a little time. How would we behave? Would government continue waving the flag and arming cops to make sure nobody died smoking in a public building, having sex with a minor, or insulting anybody for his color? What if we wanted some kind of final justice, to make sure that certain people should suffer before the end? Who would we go after?

I've been to war, and I've been to church. I've done time, and I've lived free. I've hitch-hiked the highway with nowhere to go, and I've had homes and wives as well, and toasted my babies with the best wine. My roots are good, hard-working, pious and patriotic folk, and I am a straight, white, able-bodied, working-age man. I survived the public school system, and attended institutions of higher learning. I liked soldiering, until I met the enemy and figured out who I was in his movie. I've had a lot of jobs, and long since came to prefer being unemployed. I asked myself, "As a freedom loving and hopefully good American, who would I like to see get righteously fucked up before the end?" I tried sharing some ideas with Vito in chat sessions. (That's my usual tag there, based on my name, Elvis Cross. I was born in Meridian, Mississippi, in 1965, and yes, I was named after the singer.)

ELVISX: I think there is a fundamental sense of justice that those who have grown fat by fucking other people over deserve to be fucked over, somebody like Don King, maybe.

VKALINS: You kidding? There's a small army of big niggers out to get him now, and another army protecting him to suck his dick one more time. Fair game, but good luck. Who else?

ELVISX: The big rich, the holders of office, the Kennedys and the Bush league?

VKALINS: They're not all assholes, even if they do support things like the drug war and the medical racket and the oil stranglehold on alternative tech, but they have greased their chins on the fat of whole countries for the entire last century. Fair game.

ELVISX: The police?

VKALINS: Any cop who stays in uniform once it is the end is fair game. What do we need cops for then? To shoot people for smoking dope? To shoot people for looting? To shoot people for shooting people? Shoot.

ELVISX: How about cleaning out all the niggers and kikes, gooks, greaseballs, and diaperheads?

VKALINS: Gimme a break. This is the end, so why make it bad for people who don't deserve more shit. Personally, I'd be ashamed to think the last thing I did was some cheap-shot act of racism, though I wouldn't mind if it were any of the above, all the same to me.

ELVISX: I agree. Race is a scumbag reason to kill somebody, even for a random killing. So we're looking for a justice type reason here, right? OK. How about rapists?

VKALINS: I believe most women would like to kill a rapist, given the chance, or at least to say they would. Men are certainly willing to kill other men for raping them. Fair game.

ELVISX: So how about the guy who wants to be a rapist in his last hour?

VKALINS: What about him? You want to be a cop? If people don't want to be raped, all they have to do is kill rapists, and if it's the end of the world, you can damn sure carry a gun to kill every nasty old rapist you want to.

ELVISX: A gun. Just like the fruitcake with the propeller-beanie and the machine gun, shooting children out for their last Greaz'N'Freez, right?

VKALINS: Right. You can ignore him, let the cops or the wops or the fops deal with him, or you can shoot him, or you can get yourself a milkshake and a machine gun and join him, or you can yell, "Hey mister, that's not nice," and maybe he won't shoot you too. Knock yourself out.

ELVISX: How about the government? Even if the government is considered evil enough it deserves to be brought down before the end, does that mean the people who fill its offices should personally suffer for its offenses? Are all those hard-working form-fillers and file-shuffling promulgators of bureaucratic process and enforced regulation who make up the system who we mean when we say "us" or "them?" Should it be only the CEO's and Senators we roast on spits for living as the privileged royalty of the American Empire, while the common man lives a Kafkaesque life in an Orwellian dystopia? Should the rich managers of state-fed businesses they gutted for their greed be gutted themselves, and fed to the swine they resemble? If the implacable statist wonks of intrusive government, however corrupt or sincere, and the self-inflated bigshots who exploit us with their use of government power all truly deserve to suffer some hell for their gluttony, their cruelty, their self-righteous arrogance before the end gets here to render it all moot, then what are we waiting for now? If the muggers, burglars, rapists, drug-whore pimps, ambulance-chasing sheissters, fag-bashing closet-queers with badges, race-hate random killers of all colors, and the like are acknowledged to be garbage the world would be better off without, then why do we not just clean them out now, instead of waiting for the end of the world, or trusting the government to clean them out and not us?

VKALINS: Just give me one good reason.

Though a dozen banalities and platitudes about decency and order and respect for life flushed insipidly through my mind, I could not quickly give him one I would want to defend.

ELVISX: I can't think of one offhand.

VKALINS: I hoped you might have one, because I am much troubled in my mind about what I ought to do. You see, the idea that simple justice and good sense might rightly motivate one to go out and eliminate certain people is not the only vision from which I suffer. If you think there may be reasons to justify killing one person for righteousness sake, or for the betterment of society, then why not many? Suppose you came to believe the health of the entire life organism of Terra, the whole planet, in the long run demands the immediate reduction of the human population by as much as half. When serial killers eliminate a dozen, genocidal wars kill a few million, and an asteroid might kill a billion, how do you willfully contribute to the necessary destruction of three billion people? If I acknowledge that would be not merely justified, but of mortal necessity to the human race, then am I not only justified, but morally obligated before God and before the future generations of mankind, to do the best I can, starting with those we both agree would be good to clean out?

ELVISX: Again I have no answer I could defend.

VKALINS: Help me here. I am a theorist, a rhetorician, a Libertarian idealist, a working word mechanic, a hack, a blow-hard opinion monger. I'm all words, do you hear me? But I can see there is a point at which the logic becomes compelling, and sooner or later it means just one thing.

ELVISX: You mean going out and killing somebody?

VKALINS: You're not a cannibal until you have shit somebody else's guts out.

Vito Kalins made the news quite a bit thereafter, to say the least. The trials made a word, and then a secret cult, and then a movement of Kalinism, and the circumstances of his own death led to the creation of the annual Kalisnacht on July 16th, a night on which each and every one of the faithful is expected to go out and kill someone. I am still troubled by those early days, and I still struggle to find answer to those questions, answer I wished so desperately then to be able to give to him. And as I have done what I have done, a cannot help but wonder if I was Vito Kalins' creature, or if he was mine.