>by Rev. James Nathan Post

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This is a book of prophetic declaration written to debunk the idolatry and bigotry of the fundamental precepts of the religions based upon belief in the idol known as The God of Abraham.

It is written in the hope of freeing mankind from the spiritual blackmail of that blasphemous and unreal image of God, and in the hope of leading people to recognize God is much greater than the despot described in any of the books of Holy Scripture.

If you think yourself a believer, and think you understand the consequences of belief in the occult world of the Bible, this book can free you of one of history's most tragic and destructive illusions.

I am called as a prophet of God in the office of a scribe of common station to produce this act of iconoclasm. This work is not "channeled", or otherwise divinely dictated. In the closet of my innermost heart, where I seek to know most clearly the will of God, I am given an insight and an assignment. The words are my own. As an independent non-denominational prophet, I do not claim to represent any institution or school of thought, nor do I offer as credentials any references from the recorded works of any of Godís other prophets, living or dead. I certainly donít claim to be infallable.

Rev. James Nathan Post

Here is the first chapter:


I expect I might be accused by some of being anti-Christian (or even Antichrist) for having written this book. I shall proclaim my faith in time, but let me address the issue at this onset by declaring that I am not so guilty. The spirit of God is of all things most precious to me, and my coming to meet that spirit as an interactive experience in my life came through knowing and understanding the ministry of Jesus, Godís prophet and son. Surely if Jesus was the greatest of Godís prophets, I may well be the least, but I know beyond empirical evidence that the things Jesus is declared to have said about his own spiritual nature are true of the human estate. None of us lives but through the spirit of God, for there is no other life. We are all the sons and daughters of God. As flesh we are men and women, and as spirit we are Christ. We are not lost, but well-known and much beloved by God whom in our most fundamental sense, we are. The physicists confirm that in the fullness of their time, even the stars and galaxies will all pass like foam on a dark sea; yet through the spirit of God we shall still exist, awaiting upon Godís pleasure for a new earth and a new heaven.

Neither personally nor in this ministry am I anti-Christ, nor even anti-Christian, but I am against idolatry, bigotry, and spiritual extortion, and I should not be disposed to excuse those sins just because they happen to be promulgated in the name of Christ, or in the name of Jehovah, or of Allah. I am against the marketing of charms against horrors conceived by the charmmakers, particularly where those horrors are touted as the righteous punishment of a justly wrathful God. (It gives the just and loving God I know a bad reputation, which practice is also called blasphemy.) If Hell for Original Sin can be promoted as a genuine horror, then membership in Jesus can be sold as the charm. If oneís ministry is to be evaluated in dollars and souls, itís an easy route to success. However, the faithful thus enfolded are led to expend their lives in the forms of religion at the cost of their potential for developing into more spiritually responsible souls. I am against the shepherd who having discovered the price of wool keeps his flock tight in the fold, denying them the verdant free pastures of Godís kingdom.

I am also against the militant puritan who would make of himself not shepherd but warden by asserting that his ritual absentions from popular practices declared to be sins qualify him to impose his own restriction upon others in the name of safeguarding their morality. It is here lies the greatest potential for abuse: the assumption of civil power in the name of God to make crimes of all that may be called sin, and to use the power and might of law enforcement to punish sinners.

It is largely the thrust of this work to resist exactly that influence. The unfortunate and illicit wedding of the political extreme right and the self-proclaimed "Fundamentalist" movement in America is another of historyís examples of a religious body attempting to gain worldly ascendency by currying special favor with secular power. That is precisely what is meant by the Scriptural exhortation to such bodies to avoid "fornicating with the Kings of the earth". It is my purpose to show that the siezure of civil power thus accomplished is motivated and justified by ideas, principles, and objectives inherent in Judaeo-Christianity which are fundamental to the faith, but which are and were from their inception not only irrational and non-empirical, but also bigoted, idolatrous, and blasphemous.

Surely it is easy to see the spirit of the Christian faith is poorly served by those who build their ministries around profits instead of prophets, those who use marketing techniques in the name of evangelism, and those for whom the fold is more žimportant than the sheep. But God has led me to understand the roots of the fundamentalist political movement are far deeper and more subtle than simple sheep-shearing greed, deeper even than the easily-understandable desire of the pious to use any possible means including law enforcement to promote Christian social standards. No, the root is traced to those very notions which are declared by Fundamentalists to be "fundamental", found in the history concerning the person called Abraham, and the promises he said were made by God to him upon establishing his temple. That seminal congregation, and the dogma it promulgated, I refer to as The Cult of Abraham.

I should expect that some may therefore accuse me of being anti-Semitic. I do not believe it is anti-Semitic to point out that much of the social turmoil in the world today is the result of several diverse groups each insisting that only themselves are the rightful inheritors of whatever it was God allegedly promised to the heirs of Abraham. I do not believe it is anti-Semitic to declare that Jews (including the grafted-on branch called Christians) have no special stature before God merely by virtue of their having myths and family records which insist their tribal deity promised heaven and earth to those who would obey his personal rep, the leader of the cult. A past rooted in religious myth, oral tradition, and symbol is something Jews share with every other culture on earth. I do not believe it is anti-Semitic to point out that the doctrine and dogma on which the structure of Judao-Christianity is based are clearly unsupportable by reason, evidence, or corroboration by other source --just like all the other religions in the world.

I might seem anti-Jewish because I object to the oppressive political practices which Israel seems to feel justified in militarily imposing upon members of other racial or religious groups wishing to reside in the region. However, it is clear to me that both the Muslims and Christians with whom Israel's Jews contend likewise base their self-proclaimed right to forcible control of the region upon their respective claims to the same inheritance of the promises of God to Abraham. I believe it neither circumstantial nor morally irrelevent that the attitude is founded largely in the fundamental belief that by virtue of Abrahamic racial and sacramental distinctions Jews/Muslims/Christians hold a special and privileged place in the esteem of God. To use that alleged divine favor as justification for treating Godís other children as inferiors is certainly bigotry -- a form of mental ill hygiene God deplores whether practiced in the name of religion, racism, or nationalism.

To have faith in the eternal spirit of God, to believe in the daily intervention of God in human personal life through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and to acknowledge the word of God in the mouths of Godís prophets -- these are beautiful, fine, and holy things. To make of oneís faith a badge, a license to impose power upon those who will not or may not worship at oneís own temple, is an offront to the just God before whom all flesh and all souls are as one, and as such surely deserves to be called blasphemy.

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