Written and read by James Nathan Post.

The Cyclopes are sons of the Titans, weaponsmakers to the Gods. Having only one eye, and thus singleness of vision, they lack all sense of perspective. Today they occupy the seats of power in our government, and wear the cassock of our major religions. Workers at the forge, and keepers of sheep, they dine on human flesh.

"You can't teach an eagle to fly in a cage,
especially if you're training him to be a sheep."

Now available in these three forms:


These 80 hard-hitting and informative essay articles were first seen as a bi-monthly column in The Valley Explorer, an alternative newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2002, they were released in two paperbacks, titled, "Good Nazis In Office, Good Niggers In Jail," and "Good Riddance To Rights, Thank God Now We're Safe!" They are now all together in this one volume, which you can order directly by clicking: ORDER BOOK.


Many of The Anti-Cyclops Papers are also now available on AUDIO CD'S. Read by the author, each volume running just over an hour, and including eight to ten commentaries, the quirky and mobile viewpoint of this stand-up commentary may challenge you to think in a very new way, or it may confirm things you have long known, or suspected, were true. You may listen to several of these essays, and other material as well, on our AUDYOFYL webpage.

  • Vol.1: A Short Subjects Sampler

  • Vol.2: About The Marijuana

  • Vol.3: Too Late For School?

  • Vol.4: About That Old Time Religion